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Welcome! Spartanburg District 7 believes the use of technology can greatly support learning and instruction in our classrooms. In conjunction with our outstanding teachers, our 1:1 initiative (one device for every child) aims to create a truly student-centered, 21st century learning environment. Check back often to browse great resources, get answers to questions and see the wonderful things our students and teachers are accomplishing through our 7Ignites initiative!

SHS & SFA MacBook Backup Guide


Get your MacBook ready for spring roll up! Download the MacBook Backup Guide for step by step instructions in saving your important files!

Become a D7 WiFi Hotspot Partner


Does your business offer free WiFi access for customers? Would you like to support district digital initiatives and student learning? Then become a D7 WiFi Hotspot Partner! It’s as easy as completing THIS ELECTRONIC FORM. Contact Christine Horowitz for more information on how you can help District 7 with their efforts to bridge the digital divide.

FREE WiFI Hotspots in D7

The New iPad Parent/Student Guide

The NEW and UPDATED Macbook Air Manual

Support Staff - Our Super Heroes!

7Shares was a great time for all district staff to connect, collaborate and create together and our support staff had a great time doing so! During the ‘Lights, Camera, Action! iMovie for the iPad’ session a few of our awesome support staff used their collaboration time to learn and create this great video touting their incredible super powers! Thanks to all D7 support staff for the great job you do everyday!

7Spotlight: Your SHS Loquacious Librarian


D7’s very own Loquacious Librarian Susan Myers’ article on using the Story Book iPad app with students was recently spotlighted on the wildly popular website Free Technology for Teachers. You can check out the article HERE and additional writings of Susan’s and other SHS librarians at the SHS’ library website The Loquacious Librarian.

Common Sense Media


District 7 uses Common Sense Media lessons to train our teachers and students on all things digital media. We encourage parents to visit the site and sign up for a FREE account where they can access movie/game/video/website reviews, articles/blogs that include information on topics such as cyberbullying and safe digital use and short advice videos on a range of topics.

Jesse Boyd Animal Habitat Prezis

Great things are happening at Jesse Boyd! Want to see more? Check out these other Prezis by 3rd grade students at JBE: Poison Dart Frogs Dolphins

Look what they're doing at Jesse Boyd!

Igniting Science!

District 7 Future Ready


Dr. Booker signed the FUTURE READY PLEDGE, part of the White House ConnectEd initiative promising to create highly personalized and Internet connected environments for our students. Visit the FUTURE READY site to learn more.

Digital Citizen Tip

Today’s kids are spending more and more time in their digital world where they participate in interactive, engaging relationships through social media. The majority of time this interaction is positive, however, what are kids and parents supposed to do when these relationships turn negative? Cyberbullying is an issue that needs to be addressed by everyone including parents, teachers, community members and those who run social media sites. As parents we want to do what’s best to protect our children from any harm, however, many of us are unfamiliar with their online neighborhoods and may be apprehensive about dealing with cyberbullying. Check out this article,Parent’s Top 10 Cyberbullying Questions, to find out how you can best deal with negative online situations.


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