What is Seven Ignites?

We believe technology can be a powerful tool for enhancing student achievement and preparing them for the future. Spartanburg School District Seven has been proactively preparing our schools for the integration of cutting-edge technology in our schools.

Seven Ignites is the next evolution of this process and involves the full digital immersion of Spartanburg School District Seven. It is a one-to-one technology initiative where every District Seven student will receive their own personal computing device, an Apple iPad for grades 3-5 and a MacBook Air laptop for grades 6-12. This mobile technology allows students to access learning anytime and anyplace. Its immersion into the learning environment will empower our students with the skills to compete successfully in today’s society. We are confident this vision of student-centered learning will ignite an educational spark and produce future-ready graduates.


District Seven is prepared to provide a truly interactive learning experience for each student. From classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art projection and sound systems, interactive white boards and document cameras to the ability to access cultures and field-of-study experts from around the world, our students will literally have the world of knowledge at their fingertips. By shifting the education delivery emphasis to one of personalized learning, our students will be fully engaged in their own individualized learning experience.


With the integration of the latest technology and digital innovations into instruction, District Seven is transforming the education experience. This technology initiative transforms how teachers present information and interact with students. Each personal computer is customized to the student’s learning level and style, allowing teachers to assess ability and provide immediate feedback. This adaptive teaching cultivates digital and media competency and prepares our students for both college and careers.


Innovative technology brings subject matter to life and stimulates students visually, physically and mentally. Digital learning can have a powerful impact on the lives of our students – in and out of the classroom. Our students are not only consuming a rich array of information, but also producing work that is as individual as they are. It inspires collaboration with other students but also encourages independent work. Personalized learning enhances problem-solving, critical thinking, and analytical skills in students, arming them with skills and concepts they will need to compete in a highly technological knowledge-based economy.