Seven Ignites is made possible with generous support and in partnership with many organizations throughout our community including:


The South Carolina Center for Excellence for Mobile Learning at Anderson University

District Seven has received a 5-year federal grant totaling $600,000 for Anderson University to provide professional development and support for teachers using mobile computing devices, i.e., iPads and MacBook Airs to enhance teaching and learning. The training will enhance the district’s own training which is to effectively integrate the use of the mobile devices into instruction and specifically at Carver with an emphasis on STEM and multi-disciplinary planning.


Improving Teacher Quality Grant with Clemson University

District Seven has received a 1-year grant totaling $100,000 for Clemson University to provide training with a focus on mobile learning at Cleveland, Houston, Chapman, and Mary H. Wright elementary schools. Training will focus on the integration of technology in science instruction with goals to improve science content knowledge, pedagogy and reflective practice.


Supporting the Technology Initiative at Cleveland Academy

The Northside Development Corporation has provided additional funding towards the purchase of MacBook Airs for all fourth and fifth graders at the Cleveland Academy of Leadership as a part of the Northside Initiative. Cleveland will be the only elementary school in District Seven utilizing the MacBook Air laptops.


Community Partners

Juice Bar

What is a Juice Bar? The Juice Bar is a dedicated space at St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church for those who attend Spartanburg High School to get “Apple Juice,” AKA electrical power, for their MacBook Airs as well as access to free Wi-Fi. Their goal is to provide a safe environment for students to come and relax, see friends, hang out and do homework. They observe all District 7 holidays and closings. The Juice Bar is open Monday through Thursday from 3:15 pm until 6:00 pm.


The Powerhouse station is a free Wi-Fi facility designed with a lounging area and computer lab located on Parsonage Lane in the Northside community. They provide a safe environment that students from Cleveland Academy of Leadership come to do homework and work on group projects. The facility was created by First Outreach Ministry with funding from the Mary Black Foundation. The center is fully supervised and open on Monday through Thursday from 3:00 pm until 6:00 pm.


Get Involved

As any other program within a school district, 7Ignites thrives because of the dedication of staff, students, parents and community members. There are many ways that community members can support our initiative from providing grant opportunities to sharing your knowledge as a guest speaker for our students. Please email us if you would like to help ignite our students in learning.